denuclearise (Brit.) v. remove nuclear weapons from (country, area, region); remove nuclear power sources; forbid or ban the presence or deployment of nuclear weapons within a specific jurisdiction (also denuclearize)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • denuclearise — /diˈnjukliəraɪz/ (say dee nyoohkleeuhruyz) verb (t) (denuclearised, denuclearising) to remove all nuclear armaments from (an area, country, etc.), in accordance with a declared policy or agreement: Asia should become a denuclearised zone. Also,… …  

  • Rapacki — /raˈpatski/ (say rah pahtskee) noun Adam, 1909–70, Polish politician; foreign minister 1956–68; put forward the Rapacki Plan to establish a denuclearised zone in Europe …  

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